Clown, Humor, Physical Comedy OPEN WORKSHOP

13 OCT 2024 | 12 -15 h


@Toplocentrla, Sofia

Humour and laughter are serious matters that need to be examined and spread around the world with utmost dedication.

Fluid, subtle and fun.

I had my first clowning experience with Titania. It was a childhood dream I'd never dared to realize... Titania guided us from exercises to skits, everything was fluid, subtle and fun! Her great finesse and kindness enabled her to accompany each person personally, so that they felt at ease in the discovery of her clown.

Juliette, philosophy teacher

A clown in everyone

The Clown workshop is a dream-come-true! Titania's workshops are for every lost soul looking for laughter and precious time spent with cool people! A place where there's no difference if you're a professional clown or an amateur - there's a clown in everyone. Maybe it's time for you to find yours!

Sofia Treyman, actress in Nikolay Binev Youth Theatre, Sofia

Contact and sharing

Such an energetic and giving Clown teacher. Constant movement and fun exercises. I learned that clown is not just a word. It is a verb. Contact and sharing the experience of key moments with the audience. We also talked about the therapeutic effect of the art of making people laugh. Such a democratic teacher. A world famous clown with such a humble and empathetic approach.  Thanks, Titania!

Philipp, architect

Who are you?

For example you are an IT specialist, teacher, lawyers, social worker, nurse, translator, cook, dancer, librarian, musician, firefighter, doctor, shop owner, artist, hairdresser ... 

You are someone who wants to find out more about themselves and have fun doing so.

The workshops are great for you!

  • Everyone ready to dare an adventure with their own humanity.
  • People in need of a stress release and joyful escape from everyday life.
  • Theatre enthusiasts or actors looking to approach clowning.
  • Clown beginners with an interest in physical comedy.
  • Introverts who want to get a feeling of performing in a safe and playful setting.

What can you expect beside playfulness and laughs?

  • Stress release, lightness and joy of life after the workshop.
  • Inputs about the nature of clowning and humour.
  • Clown techniques allowing you to discover and create the comic of a situation.
  • Body techniques and pantomime elements, inspired by Jaques Lecocq, Marcel Marceau and Charlie Chaplin.
  • Improvisation aiming at exploring your own clown figure.
In 2024 we presented a series of five clown and physical comedy workshops for adult beginners. 

Parallel with the preparations for the 13th Mini Art Fest – Cirkolution (10-13 Oct 24), we aim at developing the emerging clown community in Bulgaria. 


Next will be an OPEN workshop on Sun  13 Oct 2024, 12 - 15 h.

This means that anyone has the chance to experience live what it takes to be a clown.

Give a spot in the workshop as a gift! 

Come with a friend and share moments of lightness and joy together. You will get to know each other better and go home with nice memories.


How does it work?

Register by completing the form.
You will then get a confirmation email including payment details.

What happens if I don’t turn up? 

  • In case you cannot attend, you can cancel free of charge two weeks prior the workshop.
  • If you have to cancel later you will be refunded 50 % of the sum.

Can I turn up spontaneously?
You are welcome to join without previous registration with no guarantee for a free spot. 
If you can attend you can pay cash on site.

Can I bring a friend? 
Please do! You both pay the reduces rate (120 BGN).
Don't forget to  mention it in the registration form. 

How big is the group?
We host at least 7 and a maximum of 16 participants aged 15 to 115.
If there are no more spots left, we will put you on the waiting list, in the order of registration. 

In what language is the workshop?
The workshop is held in Bulgarian and English
Dont' let a language barrier stop you.
If needed, fluent communication is also possible in French, Russian, German or Greek.

What do I need for the workshop?

Come as you are, wear comfortable clothes with which you can freely move.
If you have one, bring a red nose and a costume.
Hot and cold drinks, fruit and snacks are provided for.

Participants assume full and sole responsibility for the risk of injury or other consequences from attending my workshops and also agree that neither Tatiana Petkova nor Mini Art Foundation accepts no liability for loss or damage to their personal property or for injury to participants on or outside the workshop premises.

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The upcoming workshops are a cooperation with Mini Art Foundation, Sofia. 

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