I pursue a passion for contact through humour, languages, poetry and emotion.

Irresistible, poetic, eager to live. 

Tatiana Petkova alias Titania Chaos – a Vienna based native Bulgarian polyglot psychologist and experienced language coach, devoted to the amazing powers of clowning.

My mission in life is to move and touch people in a positive way by interaction, teaching or playing.

Titania was able to emerge thanks to Hubertus Zorell and Verena Vondrak, my most beloved clown parents and co-founders of the medical clown movement in Austria (CliniClowns, Rote Nasen).


As Titania Chaos, I perform on the street, in the fabulous Theater Olé in Vienna (AT), at social or other events. Sometimes I take fun pictures with my time traveling camera


I was lucky to be able to learn from renowned teachers and artists like Norman Taylor (GB), Helene Gustin (FR), Laura Fernandez (USA/DE), Rodrigo Morganti (IT), Inda Pereda (ES), Christoph Schiele (AT), Patrick van den Boom (NOR/IR), Аvner Eisenberg (USA), Jef Razz (USA), Misha Usov (USA/RU), Yahyah Masi James (USA), Ira Seidenstein (USA), Juan Cruz Perez (AR).

Titanic Moments

Titania in action.


The upcoming workshops are a cooperation with Mini Art Foundation, Sofia. 

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Photos by Marine Hink, Heidi Holtl, Geo Kalev, Konstantin Oberlik, Tatiana Petkova, Marion Scholz, Laurent Ziegler.

Titania Chaos illustration by Petra Kölbl.

The website's original language is English, the translation is automatic. Please forgive the absurdity ot some expressions!

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