Titania Chaos And Her Time Traveling Camera.

Equipped with an old fashioned camera that has the ability to travel in time, Titania will dress up any willing photo model and shoot a picture for them to take home immediately.


Titania's Photo Booth is best for weddings, corporate parties, street festivals, kids and family events, festivities at social centres and so on. 


For a price quote please send an email with all basic info (date, duration, location, type of event, number of people expected, special needs, anything). Titania is fluent in English, German, French, Russian, Bulgarian and Gibberish..


Kid's birthday parties (age 5 to 12), up to 10 children, approx 2-3 hours, 290 €.

Titania Chaos Kinderprogramm
Titania Chaos Liebe

Titania took a six-year old party to another level, making it a very special occasion! From the moment she arrived we felt very much at ease, as if an old friend had walked through the door. Her spontaneity worked wonders with the children and she was able to follow my daughter’s imagination, no mean feat. She also provided costumes and accessories, and her old-school camera is spellbinding. The pictures are a perfect party present.

Helena Soares


The upcoming workshops are a cooperation with Mini Art Foundation, Sofia. 

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